$65 Complete 10 Set And Resistance Band And Guide and Calender

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FOCUS T25 Workout - NEW Shaun T 25 Minute Workouts


What’s Included in Focus T25 Package?

The Focus T25 Base Kit comes with everything you need to burn fat and build muscle quickly:

  • 10 DVDs: The intense workouts also come with an on-screen timer, as well as low-impact modifiers.

  • Quick-Start Guide: This simple guide will have you working out in no time, and will help you get the maximum results.

  • Get It Done Nutrition Guide: This nutrition guide makes eating healthy simple with simple-to-prepare meals for every day.

  • Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars: Stay on track—and skip the guesswork—with these calendars.

  • B-Lines® 15-pound Resistance Band: Use this professional-grade resistance band with your workouts to build muscle and burn fat baster.


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 Price $65


These people worked out for 90 days using Focus T25. Don’t forget, these results came in only 25 minute a day workouts

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 Price $65

With the Focus T25 workout from Beachbody, you can get in the best shape of your life in only 25 minutes a day.


    I know you're busy. Busy anybody can find 25 minutes in their day to work out.

    • And with FOCUS T25, that's all you'll need. If you focus—from minute 1 to minute 25—you're going to get an incredible workout.
    • It will help get your body so lean and cut, you won't recognize it a few weeks from now.
    • But no one gets results from wishing.
    • You've got to get up out of the chair and commit.
    • You will work hard. You will sweat. But you will Get It Done.
    • No more excuses.

    All it takes is 25 minutes to change your life...so what are you waiting for? Order FOCUS T25 right now.

    FOCUS T25<sup>®</sup> NEW

    Estimated Delivery Time 3 to 5 Days

    Price $65